Crystal Y.

Fleur-in-Tea (purity)

Artwork 1 Details :

PURITY PREPARES THE SOUL FOR LOVE, AND LOVE CONFIRMS THE SOUL IN PURITY (fleur-in-tea). Love always comes clean and it will blossom where it is watered. The character of each floral may vary. Sometimes it pricks but the glory of its colors dissipates the pain and you'll only be calling it by its beauty.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Slowness was not just a physical reaction to being slower. It came from a place where the intentionality was to quieten the noise surrounding her. In this space, she could breathe the fresh wind of heavenly anointing, using her hands to create art on a digital surface. What started as a hobby turned into a small business where she began creating bespoke commissioned artwork. Along the journey, she also met people who shared clarity about what slowlivecreate is about. Eventually, her art grew into this passion, forming a community for others to share the same movement for slowness - one day at a time.


No: 48

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