Ana Stjelja

Beauty Recycled

Artwork 1 Details :

The artwork strives to draw attention to the imposed beauty standards put in a context of a digital era. Colorless face, and red lips draw line between a woman as a person and a woman as an object of admiration. The burst of colors in the background emphasizes the social environment that is suppressing women who often end up or in depression or with anxiety. The artwork presents a double-faced woman in order to point out that women suffer and develop different psychological problems while their environment still expect them to be perfect.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Ana Stjelja (1982, Serbia). In 2009 she earned a Master’s degree in Sufism. In 2012 she obtained her PhD on the life and work of the Serbian feminist writer Jelena J. Dimitrijevic. Serbian poet, writer, translator, journalist, independent scientific researcher and editor. She published more than 30 books of different literary genres. In 2018 she established the Association Alia Mundi for promoting cultural diversity. Graphic designer, book and magazine cover designer, web editor and digital artist.


No: 47

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