Bryan Mew

Neo-human 68

Artwork 1 Details :

Neo-human 68 is a machine-generated interpolation video that aims to reveal the impacts of scientific and technological advancements in augmenting the human body, including its existence in between physical and virtual worlds. Through artificial intelligence, a dynamism within the body is created, emulating the poetics of data, paint and the human physical form. This work is initiated through feeding a curated data set into an algorithm driven by artificial intelligence. The data includes original images of life drawing sessions as well as figurative paintings created by myself. The output of this algorithm is a vast collection of AI generated figurative distortions, compositions and collages that resemble surreal and mechanised versions of the body. The collection is then used as a visual baseline to create paintings and video art from, before inputting more images and data of these outcomes back into the algorithm to generate new outcomes.

Digital Biomorphic Construction

Artwork 2 Details :

Digital Biomorphic Construction lives in a liminal non-space, with no particular time or place. The natural land, the synthetic and the human all converge in an instance, a non-space – a phenomenon that represents an alternative future in which scientific progression ultimately blends all ecosystems together into a singularity. This is marked by ambiguous diffused backgrounds of colour and texture juxtaposed with what appears to be an organic and living form. The synthesis of nature, the artificial and the human psyche is evident through pictorial traces of twisted tree-like branches, raw flesh that resembles metamorphic mineral rocks, architectural light sources as well as genetic mutation of the bodily figure. This digital work was created through a generative algorithm by feeding it visual data of my old home (Hong Kong), figurative paintings as well as photographic images of models.

Pearl on stage

Artwork 3 Details :

Pearl on stage is a rendition of Neo-human 68 (artwork 1), taken as a digital still to represent the beauty of presence in a fast-paced, digitally inflictive world. Humanity's prediction in living in a categorically virtual world can lead to drastic impacts on the physiological makeup of our species, including the augmentation of our physical bodies, human sensory reception, emotive and cognitive capacities. Trans-humanism can be daunting, yet elegant in times of uncertainty.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

As an emerging painter and creative technologist in a world driven my machines, my work aims to explore the slippage between the digital and the analogue through contemporary technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and computer vision. My practice helps the audience question the role of technology within art, prompting them to interrogate ‘Are machines capable of replacing artists in creating works of art?’, and ‘How do we ensure emerging technologies can co-exist with traditional analogue mediums?’ I have been shortlisted as a finalist in multiple Australia Art prizes such as the 2021 National Capital Art Prize, and have also exhibited in multiple shows in Sydney and Melbourne with original paintings, NFTs and digital works.


No: 45

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