Artwork 1 Details :

Munai is the word that in the indigenous Quechua language means Love or Beauty. The Munai have mixed elements of traditional body painting of the indigenous in the Amazon, with jewelry produced by expert gold workers, they talk about the supremacy of women, about the power of nature, about fertility, about abundance.


Artwork 2 Details :

"Mother Earth" The Earth does not belong to us, but we belong to her because we are her sons and daughters. The earth is our mother and in this home, we live as humans, animals and plants. She is fertility, a female deity with particular virtues, appearance, presence, character, abundance and power.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

vjFred is a 3d digital artist, Motion Design, and VFX based in Bogotá, Colombia. He has a degree in film and television and has worked for many years in the media business. Is the creator of many projects from video art to the metaverse and also is the owner of awards in video and electronic arts. As an NFT artist is the creator of the project called "Munai". These baroque and powerful compositions show the strength and the beauty of nature in perfect harmony with 3D abstract design. Is an artistic expression that mixes traditional art with digital design. His art has been displayed in galleries and exhibits in Chicago, on the NFT_NYC, Times Square, Trento, Italy, and on the Metaverse.



No: 44

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