Lim Jang Guin

line for zen

Artwork 1 Details :

The wall is also open in a line shape like a statue, in order to let the light of nature inside. It seems crazy, but the body and mind become one, I think it is like a phenomenon that appears as the three-dimensional space disappears. There is a line there, but I can't see it. Zen monk (禪僧) Togen (道元)said in Japan. There's no water in the big sea, so it'll be cool in the spring, It will be with flowers in spring, Cuculus poliocephalus in summer, moon in autumn, and In winter, snow will accumulate and it will be cool

the doors

Artwork 2 Details :

The door is also a place that leads to the unknown world. Whether it is real or unreal or enlightenment

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I majored in Fine Art, but I do work that is not limited to it. We work on video, installation, and more. The goal of Juju is to pursue the essence of conversation, etc. about human beings and sociality.


No: 43

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