Alchemical Art Lab AKA Giuseppe Moscatello


Artwork 1 Details :

The concept behind these iconic creation comes from an analysis of some alchemical principles related to balance, harmony and purity. These elements are not hanging, they are not resting, they are fluctuating in the space, building a new order of equilibrium and balance: they exist and are communicating with the whole universe.

Equilibrium 4

Artwork 2 Details :

Equilibrium features symbols and elements related to balance, harmony and purity that represent a new order. The images are fluctuating in the space, building equilibrium and balance and communicating throughout the universe.


Artwork 3 Details :

These series of compositions are made following aesthetics depicted from flags, religious symbols and geometric elements.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Alchemical Art Lab AKA Giuseppe Moscatello is an artist based in Dubai since 2007. He achieved a Bachelor` s degree in Fine Arts from the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Academy of fine Arts in Rome), meanwhile during his studies he was invited to participate in a several group art exhibitions. From 2005 to 2007 he worked very closely with the well renowned artist and professor Fabio Mauri realizing several big projects. He participated at the 9th Sharjah Biennale in the United Arab Emirates, the 25th Alexandria Biennale in Egypt, and several other regional and international exhibitions. He cofounded three art institutions in the United Arab Emirate such as Maraya Art Centre, 1971 Design Space and Foundry in Dubai. At the beginning of 2021, he entered in the NFT world by producing art as well as curating exhibitions such as Form Desert To Mars. He is currently known under the name of Alchemical Art Lab.


No: 41

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