Momy Saikia

Crown without throne

Artwork 1 Details :

We live in the realm of nature. She will continue to flourish without us but we will perish without her.


Artwork 2 Details :

Cherish the beauty, cherish the generosity, cherish nature.

Natural rhythm

Artwork 3 Details :

Nature has rhythm that appeals to the soul. Living in harmony with nature is living in harmony with ourselves.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

An engineer turned many things, one of which is a concept artist, Momy Saikia feels like she has lived many lives but is still in search of self. Aren’t we all? Momy is an honest advocate of nature & all things natural. Having travelled widely and having worked for causes concerning children, women and the planet, the suffering of mankind got to her at some point in her life. And that’s when she turned to nature, art, filmmaking to cope with the worldly with imagination.


No: 38

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