Elathriel - The Last Emanation

Artwork 1 Details :

The Heaven was demolished , as the last remaining angels fell to the earth , shattering the lands to the sound of cries and pain. Elathriel was the last emanation of something humanity stood for - Home and Hearth. He was the keeper of fire and the hearth in every home , tending to the never ending flames of humanity , alas he was mortified , his existence a mere blight in the sunken realm of his father.

Sounds of Yesteryear

Artwork 2 Details :

The dark realms of the yesteryear found the darkest Elf lord wandering the gothic ruins of his kingdom , his body glistening with the embers of his pride , the darkness of his mind emanating through the solstice of his horns. He was once a proud benevolent lord of his world , but fate never goes unsullied.


Artwork 3 Details :

An occult artpiece depicting a transversal spider like being of infinite power and vengeance.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Hey , I’m Archangel , an abstract artist with strong affinity to hyper surrealism and occultism. I've been making digital artworks for 2 years with special focus on sculpting occult abstracts since October 2020 , mostly specializing in Gothic and dark themes .I try to simulate emotions in the form of dark , and derelict artworks. I love the fantasy and romanticism behind darkness and the inevitable , and thus I depict them in my Visual arts and Poems.


No: 34

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