Kinnara : Desi La

CHROMA - Gender Neutral Scene

Artwork 1 Details :

CHROMA is Kinnara : Desi La`s most ambitious work combining 3D and creative coding. CHROMA represents the age of chrome that is today. This segment is from the final scene of CHROMA, the gender neutral scene.

Chromatic Lack of Gravity

Artwork 2 Details :

Chromatic Lack of Gravity is Kinnara : Desi La`s 18th music release and this scene is originally from the promotion video created for the new release.

Metaphysical 1

Artwork 3 Details :

Metaphysical 1 is one of my most intense NFTs created during the 2021 NFT boom. A complete work unto itself, the theme is architectural utopia. A place to ultimately find solace.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Kinnara : Desi La is a versatile Creative prolific as an electronic musician and 3D visual artist working across genres. A futurist focused on new world parametric architecture. An adventurous musician, through 18 released recordings that has explored dance, electronica, and ambient. Desi La`s works have been displayed with Ars Electronica (Austria), Shinwa Digital Art Week (Japan), UNITY projection mapping exhibition held by new media art group FILAMEN (Malaysia), NEO SHIBUYA Miyashita Street exhibition (Japan), Crypto Art Week Asia (Singapore), Extended.Asia festival (Indonesia), and New York Live Arts (US). Desi La`s distinctive vision is inspired by architecture. That can especially be seen in his largest work, CHROMA, an audiovisual concert work completed this year that combines 3D visuals with creative coding.


No: 30

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