The Room of Fears and Distortions

Artwork 1 Details :

Fear and pain are very closely related, one is a consequence of the other indistinctly, imagination and uncertainty mixing and forming that horror movie that can happen... Or maybe it has already happened, you just haven't remembered... Based on the memories of moments, perhaps distorted by time and evasion, where the vision and perception of invasive events, with needles, blood and scalpel had more weight... While the EMG occurs and my psyche plunges into another world I met at that moment where hallucinations burst from every corner, I feel my knees tremble and the wires I'm connected to are like a nagging cramp running through all my limbs... The completely broken stability, the cold of this place and my blindness, make it impossible to escape from here...


Artwork 2 Details :

Like the subjects of Manson or Jones, he was the same, but he did not realize it, I think it is normal, although this goes beyond of who he is. From his perspective he thought that he decided, that his "Free will" was full and that he was correct, his perception of justice seemed to be his own, but in reality he was just someone else's puppet... Although on second thought, we all believe be right, we are sure of so many things, we believe that the decisions we make are totally our own, but... What if it is not like that? "My sin was not specifically this or that, but it consisted in having shaken hands with the devil. (...) The devil had me in his clutches, the enemy was behind me" -Demian (Hermann Hesse)

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Ray Ortega. Camag├╝ey, Cuba. 2003. Trained in Cuba through photography, visual arts and drawing workshops. Despite his young age, he has participated in several group exhibitions, mainly in the NFT ecosystem, a space that allows him to develop his career while his works are collected by personalities such as Mentalist420, Fede Bianchi, DuoCrypto, among others. In his 'Solum' Project, his digital drawing and animation work symbolizes numerous post-modern events between the objective and subjective; aesthetic consequence of his deep studies on the humanity of being, psychologies and contemporary philosophies.


No: 22

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