Tubuh dan Tumbuh

Artwork 1 Details :

In innocence, humans are always overgrown with hopes and dreams. both of them go hand in hand towards a more beautiful life. Because the goal of human life is to achieve inner comfort, and freedom from pain. Then all sensations of desire are wholesome, and worthy of gratification. Because the end of life is death, then humans must be happy.

Manusia dan Alam

Artwork 2 Details :

As it should be that human beings part of nature. Humans are not masters of nature who can use the universe to fulfill their own interests. In this unique and intimate relationship, humans can reach a higher level of consciousness, because they are able to see various expressions of truth from nature and reality itself.


Artwork 3 Details :

Go back to nature and be human

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Hi! I'm Asina. I do love watercolor and I obsessed with color. I've been working and studying for 7 years in design. The combination of creative and design skills helps me to create expressive illustrations. I paint beautiful girls, abstract art, and any illustrations.


No: 162

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