Ignite the Future: Rain in the colour

Artwork 1 Details :

This abstract piece is an interpretation of an explosion of knowledge and creativity, in which our ordinary lives will be rained on by various new things that we have never imagined. One area of concern to ordinary people is that a lot of jobs will be lost to automation and although we thought that this will take some time, we are now witnessing great changes, like AI in the visual art industry for example. I believe though, that jobs that will be lost will give birth to new ones that nobody has thought of before and that humans will be busier than ever and hopefully doing more creative things than ever before. Tools / process: Concept/initial image and glitch via two Diffusion models, post processing via Affinity Photo, animation via Blender, export as mp4 via DaVinci Resolve.

Ignite the Future: Blooming in the machine

Artwork 2 Details :

This piece is a vision of hope that, with the help of AI, we as humans can find a solution to live more harmoniously with nature and become an organism that actively nurtures and improves the planet. Tools / process: Concept/initial and nature growth via two Diffusion models, post processing via Affinity Photo, animation via Blender, export as mp4 via DaVinci Resolve.

Ignite the Future: Waves of colours

Artwork 3 Details :

We are at the beginning of a flood of enormous change. Change led by technology but will affect everything. Artificial Intelligence tools are going to touch not just art, but also finance, manufacturing, biology, etc. This piece envisions the overwhelming chaos and interconnectedness of the information, problems and decision-making we have to face as individuals that we will have no choice but to rely on machines to make sense of our daily lives in the near future. Tools / process: The colours of the cubes are based on an image created by a Diffusion model, animated via Blender via Geometry Nodes, exported as mp4 via DaVinci Resolve.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Waragwag: (Hiligaynon) v. to spread, to disseminate, to broadcast. warrragwag has a background in architecture and interiors, specifically archviz since the early 00's. In late 2018 he finally learned Blender and broke free of his reliance on 3dsMax . Active in the cryptoart space for more than a year now, his work mostly focused on looping 3d motion graphics with architecture elements. He came up with “Make architecture weird again.” as he always sketched weird stuff that are totally impractical to construct, but may be possible digitally. His main tool is Blender, but recently has experimented with AI art using diffusion models. Although not a coder, he’s fascinated by how the machine interprets words and loves spending time tweaking its settings.



No: 160

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