The Queen of Hearts

Artwork 1 Details :

This work is based on an AI piece re imagining Macbeth. The guilt we carry as artists becomes the burden we use to push forward into the future, to break through barriers and boundaries. Art is intrinsically tied to culture.

Year of the snake

Artwork 2 Details :

A raw AI piece based in surrealism. The snake is a symbol of transmutation. AI and its impact on culture and art will completely change how we look at things. What impact will this change have on how we understand and interpret art? What impact will AI have in society and the workforce generally?

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Painter gone digital with a penchant for the surreal. Art is a journey into the collective sub conscious, where we all feed our souls with stories from the psyche. I like to mix mediums to show the viewer a possibility beyond our everyday lives. To question and think beyond the constraints.


No: 136

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