Denise Schellmann


Artwork 1 Details :

2 steps forward | 5 on the spot | 1 step backwards

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Denise Schellmann’s versatile artistic work is based on her many years of experience as a natural scientist. Similar to a chemical synthesis, she transforms her scientific experience mixed with current personal interests into a new expressive and at the same time filigree formal language. If Cy Twombly was inspired by classical myths for his artistic expression, in Schellmann's works elementary particles and microcosmic structures unmistakably tell their own stories. The artist specifically focuses on her complex and meticulous creative process, in which order, tangles, analytics and intuition playfully alternate. Denise Schellmann realises the result as a "cartography of her intuitive processes" which can be experienced in her graphics, sculpture, installation, performance and video art.


No: 135

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