Zefany Priscicilia

Reality is Waiting

Artwork 1 Details :

When we were kids, we always thought being an adult was something really cool and we always looked forward to it. Without us realizing it, we are actually waiting for the real reality. Reality is full of all kinds of emotions in it. As grown up, we are required to be able to put a balance between reality and imagination. That is life.

Don't Stop Me

Artwork 2 Details :

Have you ever felt tired of looking good or always stuck in the same routine. Put confident in yourself and keep going into the future while doing what you love until you find it. Your own happiness.

The Choices

Artwork 3 Details :

Whatever phase we are in this life, "Choices" are always waiting for us.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

I'm Zefany Priscicilia, a full time artist living in Indonesia. Since 2021 I have participated in gallery exhibitions. I like to let everyone have their own perspective on each of my artworks.



No: 132

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