Jenny Yeap JY

Embed Into the Future

Artwork 1 Details :

People cannot stop time. People cannot stop from growing. The time needs to pass by, so you and I have this "period" called : FUTURE. With the unchangeable pattern "10" "01". The sun, the moon and the stars rise and cease; cease and rise. Our stories embed into the now or the future and continue.

Embrace Now For A Better Future

Artwork 2 Details :

The present is what we need to embrace in order to share a better future. Embrace with human kindness, touch with human hands that bear warmness of blood and sweat. Cry like a baby, laugh like mad, love wholeheartedly, embrace like never… I cannot agree with a better future without any good deeds from today.


Artwork 3 Details :

Please enter. 请进。 Welcome to the future!

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Jenny was born in Penang Island in Malaysia. Graduated with a BA in GD. Practising fine-graphic (fine art + graphic). Backpacker and environmentalist. Interested and exploring lines and moving forms + stories, to connect with her viewers. Currently preparing herself-initiates exhibition (December 2022) on experimenting her accidental encountered subject matter based on 凸 character which later on take shape of "star." Hope to have as many chances to work with artists from different backgrounds to enrich each others’ outcome in art, especially in the topic of the environment.


No: 122

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