The Cryptory

Future Carved In Flame

Artwork 1 Details :

Two children stand silhouetted against flame. Sparks of possibility surround them, though walls of concrete tower before them - hurdles to be conquered. How much physicality do we need to make virtual reality real? What's truly possible in a world where only some of the senses are utilized? This piece signifies the opportunity of tomorrow while acknowledging the power of physicality.

Pinto Huis

Artwork 2 Details :

This video contains a rendering of an .stl file, meaning the pendant can be 3D printed into an actual physical object. It's mind-boggling to think about the integration between 3D printing and the Metaverse simply because each 3D printed item is conceived within the digital realm. People can flex their Metaverse swag IRL and vice-versa. We're seeing examples of this in the NFT space already, but when mass adoption hits the amount of money printables within the Metaverse are going to generate is going to be phenomenal. The Pinto Huis is named after a leading Amsterdam family dynasty of Portuguese-Jewish merchant bankers who owned it. I created the bars in Rhino 3D from a photo I took of it in October, 2021.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

A prolific NFT writer, photographer, 3D CAD artist and smartass.


No: 12

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