ren zi


Artwork 1 Details :

The possible worlds + realities we can create in the digital sphere are endless – limited only by our imagination. Virtual, augmented + mixed reality technologies are becoming more commonplace, + tools for digital creativity more accessible. These allow us to look forward to an exhilarating future where the metaverse integrates with our physical world, offering fresh ways to perceive + experience the world

metaversal circus

Artwork 2 Details :

Digital avatars + networks set us free to redefine, reinvent our idea of self, individual + communal. This opens possibilities for us to transcend the limits of physical attributes, geography or political boundaries –shifting into new ways of being + belonging

dragons unihorns

Artwork 3 Details :

A second iteration of “what shall be restored, what has been irrevocably changed”, shown at the 2020 NTU ADM Gallery exhibition, The Foot Beneath The Flower. The work ponders how the more things change, the more they stay the same. The perils of our digital present + future are as old as humanity, albeit through new avenues. Yet the possibilities of effecting positive change + contributing to the greater good are equally amplified

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Conceptualised in 2009, ren zi’s works look at how we make, unmake, remake reality through the myth. Since their first showcase in 2013, funded through a Kickstarter project, the artist has been recipient of grants from Singapore's National Arts Council + the Singapore International Foundation. They have also participated in The Arctic Circle Residency + Gwangju Museum of Art International Residency Studio Programme. Their works have been shown local + abroad, have been featured in traditional + online media, including the AsiaArt Pacific 2016 Almanac. As an autodidact, the artist’s education has been through the likes of Art for Dummies + YouTube tutorials


No: 110

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