Boy in Dark Room

Artwork 1 Details :

using a digital oil brush that is used to the extreme with a liquid coating that seems to destroy the figurative painting, inspired by the caravaggio painting

The Angry Boy

Artwork 2 Details :

Mama help me, i’m lost

The Greedy

Artwork 3 Details :

Showing something sin or human greed, this painting was inspired by my surrounding vision of humans, nature and the environment. moreover we as humans will often forget the big sins that we often do not feel. I am not a saint, but this painting is just a reminder for me and all of us.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Andre Suliana (WSHUWREHERE) was born 1998 in Kuningan, West Java Indonesia, combining destruction in the figurative and abstract of something seen by experience, people, nature, and the universe


No: 11

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