Denis Rossiev


Artwork 1 Details :

All artworks and explication: AR experience: Video of AR working: As human beings, we live in three-dimensional space. As we observe this world with our two-dimensional, though stereoscopic vision, probably we miss most of reality, some scientists say. MULTIVERSE is a series of mathematical visualization of four-dimensional objects by Denis Rossiev. To keep it a pure & aesthetic abstraction, the author decided to refuse existing 3D applications and developed a custom 4D real-time renderer. There are no pre-made objects, just a pure code that actually calculates in 4D. Digital kinetic sculptures are generated procedurally in real-time: their geometry, materials, and lights. So... what if we had a true 3D vision? Imagine a flat piece of paper. Draw something on it. Now imagine a 2D essence living on this piece. They can see and feel only a part of your drawing, which is the only reality for them. Unlike them, as a higher-dimension being, you can see the whole image, because you can shift through another dimension. By observing this artwork, we can partially experience a four-dimensional life and travel through the higher space: an AR experience renders four-dimensional objects in real-time, making it possible to walk around and see how they rotate and pass through our 3D space. - Featured in TOP-10 AR Experiences of 2021 by Meta.


Artwork 2 Details :

Global promo video: MIRAI (jp. Future) — the project of AR artist Denis Rossiev, a part of a big international collaboration between FINCH WEAR designer brand, FFFACE media agency, and several artists dedicated to research and visualization of meta culture. Digital space is merging with the physical world faster and faster. Digital objects augment and even replace their real twins, and differences between them become not only less noticeable from the tech side but also disappear from people's minds. MIRAI is a singularity, a point of connection between worlds and technologies, where a key medium is a person who wears a physical part of it: a limited capsule collection of clothes. A digital layer represented by video art and AR experience. When the camera is aimed at the print on the garment, a digital kinetic sculpture appears. It generates itself in real-time, based on a chaotic system, and never actually repeats, representing a variable and unpredictable digital world. - Presented at Expo Dubai - Presented at Ukrainian Fashion Week and won a "best fashion tech" award.


Artwork 3 Details :

AR Experience: CANVA is an AR experience that goes beyond just art: it turns everyone into an artist! A unique, interactive, and playful AR experience was built by Denis Rossiev with the goal of exposing the concept of how creative professionals such as artists, designers, and engineers will interact with future AR and VR interfaces: in 3D space. There is a screen. Place it in space anywhere you want, move and rotate. Draw on it whatever you like. Oh, and you can add one more screen. And more. And more...? Yes! And draw on all screens simultaneously! CANVA contains a bunch of unique and complex technologies inside, developed especially for this experience: - User can draw on all screens simultaneously with solid, uninterruptible lines. - Different brush colors and size adjustment is available. - It's possible to load an image from a phone camera roll into a screen. - Custom spatial tracker allows to place objects in space: unlike regular plane tracker, they stay stable and can smoothly follow the camera. - With advanced UI users can add, remove, select, move and rotate screens anytime and in any direction. Dedicated to Accenture Dubai "Tomorrow Today".

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Denis Rossiev is an award-winning metaverse artist and augmented reality engineer based in Dubai, an official partner of Meta & Snap. Focused on digital kinetic sculptures, procedural & AI generation, and interactive objects, Denis creates experimental, though viral AR experiences on the edge between art and technology with more than 40 billion impressions worldwide. In 2021, Denis presented his projects at several exhibitions, such as Expo Dubai, CADAF Digital Art Month in New York, Ukrainian Fashion Week, and others. His AR works were featured in TOP-10 experiences of the year in 2020 and 2021 by Meta and Snap. Denis collaborates with museums, art exhibitions, and big brands, such as Tiffany, Elie Saab, Forbes, and Nike.


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