Artwork 1 Details :

It is a contemporary vision of the future, which explores through visual codes, energies, feelings and emotions of collective memory. There is also room for silhouettes, lights and shadows, nuances, textures, colors and signs that emphasize the poetic and spiritual charge of the Images. Philosophical concepts such as: discovery, evolution, future, hope, desire, dream, creativity are intertwined in chromatic allegories. Art, Science and technology. Meanings and signifiers that show, in a global context, our own identity and universal character as humans.


Artwork 2 Details :

Amazing cities, incredible flying cars, spectacular drones and robots, amazing virtual reality, sumptuous intelligent buildings, crazy supersonic planes, fully computerized communications, amazing space travel. The definitions of "art", "beauty" and even "artist" are constantly changing. Today, once again we are at the starting point of new changes. Technology will slowly take us to another world, one of human-machine integration, Big Data, quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Life will be like in science fiction movies. Our current definitions, concepts and ethics will be redefined.


Artwork 3 Details :

Art and technology might seem like totally different disciplines; however, today they are more related than ever, especially since technological advances have become a fundamental element for the development and creation of new artistic expressions. What is a fact is that neither the highest technology nor any scientific discovery can ever replace the human essence, we are unique and unrepeatable beings.

Artist/ Collective Bio:

Self-taught and multidisciplinary Mexican visual artist, active in the plastic arts since 1995. Specialized in painting, alternative sculpture, minimalist murals, thematic series of social art, design, graphics and illustration. In addition to giving workshops and collaborating on various social projects with vulnerable groups. She directed 25 thematic murals and more than 400 national and international exhibitions. Five books published: Contemporary Art and Mandalas. Selected among other things, in: .-16th International Print Triennale Graphica Creativa 2022. Finland.-Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale 2021, Fengxian Museum. China.-1st Place Category Award: Book graphics: Illustration. XII "St. Petersburg Art Week 2021", Russia..-3RD International Print Biennale SKOPJE, Macedonia, 2020. DLUM – Association of Artists of Macedonia. - 6th Beijing International Art Biennale "Memory and Dream", National Art Museum of China. 2015.


No: 105

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