Frank Lahera OCallaghan

Cloudy waters

Artwork 1 Details :

We seek peace in some way, we explore all the possibilities, calm must come in some way, we cry out for it and more when our interior suffers from chaos and uncertainty. They say that water symbolizes calm and the ability to adapt, we immerse ourselves in its essence, but was it enough?... could it be contaminated by the surrounding evil? Faith must always be there, so let us be carried away by its energy… the water must not be cloudy forever…

For eternity

Artwork 2 Details :

Time, a mysterious dimension that is part of our existence, that marks the pulse of our existential journey, that torments us in some moments and more so when destiny and the future are at stake. The time, which many times we wish we had to be able to take a break and look inside ourselves. The eternal dilemma, what will become of time? Of our time? Of time as that element that is day after day, that we cannot change physically but that perhaps deep down we can "manipulate" to make ourselves better as beings. A mission that we have between generations, such as stopping false evolution and embarking on new paths of improvement and goals for ourselves and our future. Will we be condemned to that eternal dilemma or will we know how to get rid of that stigma that marks the ticking of the biological and existential clock? Once again….time will have the last answer…

Portrait to the 21st century

Artwork 3 Details :

Look, interpretations to a possible, near future, future that is observed and every day becomes more palpable if precautions and lucid actions are not taken. A work that invites us to reflect

Artist/ Collective Bio:

He was born and currently resides in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Since he was a child he has been interested in the drawing winning some contests. Pursuing his bachelor's degree at the University of Oriente begins to study film and photography in a self-taught way, alternating in these visual manifestations. Some time later he graduated from the specialty of Direction of the Faculty of Arts and Media of Audiovisual Communication. It has more than 30 exhibitions between collective and personal, national and international, where he has obtained recognition in various corners of the world. in his filmography there are more than 20 short films between fiction, documentaries and experimental, which are have exhibited at several festivals, among which is the 30 Instant Video, in France, III Festival of Experimental and Emerging Arts Sarna, from Chile and the II Enneagram International Experimental Film Festival, Argentina. Your works are have presented at international visual arts events.


No: 104

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